About the project


Freelance work
Year: 2021–now

It all started with posting my experiments on Instagram. You can find them at @ed.creativecoder. My passion lies in exploring the intricate connection between music and visuals. Musicians started noticing my work and began requesting visual effects for their music videos. I got the chance to be a VJ at several concerts, and it was an awesome experience. Here, I'll be sharing my video reports without any specific order – just raw, unfiltered exploration.

Audio-reactive Effects

Coachella 2024

Audio-reactive visuals for Bebe Rexha at Coachella 2024


Real-time audio-reactive performance projected onto a tower


15 Seconds Museum event in collaboration with NEO Shibuya TV in Tokyo, Japan

Bamboo Dance

The bamboo sticks respond to the music, transforming into diverse shapes that mirror the spectacle's unfolding scenarios

The Blue Eye

NFT Collaboration with James Sizemore, composer of the Hobbit and the Twilight Saga


The visual effects react in real-time to the orchestra's performance

Demo Reel 2022

The collection of my audio-reactive experiments


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